Currently taking on new projects and working alongside her partner creating and designing for The Cabin Boardshop.

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My story

     Born in Aruba and moving to San Diego, CA shortly after definitely helped shape her artistry within many different industries. The SoCal sound of Ska music, skaters, and thrift shopping by the beach gave her the grunge style that is appreciated by younger artists these days. Her Aruban reggae and strong family roots gave her the creative edge she needed to push her stories and be drawn towards her creative success. 

     Within the animation world, she found her place in the middle of the action. No, she did not want to animate fight scenes. Better yet she caught her self fantasizing about bringing dance, sports, and every day body language to the drawing board instead. She found her fascination while watching skate videos of her San Diegan brothers. From this, she decided to start animating her own choreography. 

     This sparked another flame of interest in making videos. Not only did she know she liked to edit and capture live footage, but she realized she could convert it to 2d and give it the spice it needed for such things as smoke effects and body deformation. 


     Dance has always been a huge part of her life. From the moment she could walk, she was dancing. Ever since those first classes, she has been growing stronger and climbing her way to the top of the choreography circle. Leading her team, Konfidential Dance Team, during her senior year at Savannah College of Art and Design was the icing on the cake for her art and dance career. Creating a tight bond with the founder, Nathaniel Myles, created a pathway to her success with the team after 3 years of dedication. Because of this she got to lead her team to grow, create choreography, and have ample teammates to animate and go down in Konfidential history as the first female leader.

     This dedication follows wherever her heart may take her. Bridging the gap between her artistries made efforts even stronger and was the light she needed to push through and discover her true style and self.