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Currently working on UX design for VERADoctors, consulting/social media management for Mind. Soul. Dance. LLC, and hustling alongside my boyfriend creating and designing for our company, The Cabin Boardshop.

Always taking commissions

My Story

I was born on the island of Aruba in 1995 and settled in San Diego, CA with my mom about two years later. A mesh of my heritage and SoCal vibes flow through my artwork highly inspired by nature, reggae/ska music, action sports, and old cartoons.


Throughout my childhood, I was a dancer. Tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, I did it all! Alongside drawing, dancing was and always will be my passion. I continued to dance through my Undergrad at SCAD in Savannah, GA (yes…Savannah in Savannah LOL) and became the first female president of Konfidential Dance Team (a hip hop team solely founded and run by students). It was during this time that my leadership skills flourished and I learned to come out of my “introverted artist” shell.


I was studying to receive my BFA in 2D Animation and was focused on meshing my two disciplines: dance and drawing. Through this study, I was able to create “Nikki”, my senior film which you can find on the portfolio > animation page! Inspired by this, I created the dance team’s final dance showcase that revolved around a combination of our school’s top degree programs. For example, for one scene we partnered with the Fashion department and showcased some of the best dresses from that year’s seniors while dancing around the models to Madonna’s “Vogue". It was a great way to integrate degree programs and collaborate with our peers. My senior year pushed me in many ways and opened so many doors. I was able to learn a lot about myself and by graduation day I had a new job waiting in San Diego as a Social Media Specialist for The Lost Abbey Brewing Co. They wanted to use my animation on their social media pages to give them an edge in the game. Social Media was widely used, but it was still growing around that time and every business was realizing that they needed to put effort into their digital marketing more than ever.


From there, it dawned on me that I wanted to do this kind of work (and more) for as many people as possible.

…and SavRo design was born!

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