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Mamala surf co

Commissioned by Mamala Surf Co. to represent the half-shark demigoddess that empowers business; for women, by women.


A man fighting through his addictions can be perceived in many different ways. Follow him through his struggle as he dances with the devil.

I fell in love with the song, “Nikki” by Logic, the very first time I listened to it in 2016. From then on I knew I wanted to create a piece of art that reflects upon his deeper meaning to the now frivolous word of addiction that we hear on a day-to-day basis. I was afraid that my choreography alone wouldn’t do this piece of music justice, so I chose to learn how to rotoscope and create VXF to try and grasp what my mind had seen while sinking into his world of beautiful torture.

Lost abbey social media Compilation

A compilation of some of the animation and video editing I created for The Lost Abbey, Port Brewing, and The Hop Concept Instagrams while I was the Social Media Specialist.


The life of a boy and his skateboard.
I hand animated the 2D visual effects for parts of a classmates senior project called Flip.

"Never be like you"

A woman filled with guilt and regret. She now knows that he will never be anything like the man she already had. 
A piece created for my 2D development class at SCAD.

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